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Hi I'm Chizu !

Hello!My name is Chizu.

I love to capture client real,authentic moments

 and telling stories through photography.

Documenting life and people as they interact

is truly my passion!

About Me.

I'm a photographer based in Austin. I love having new experiences through traveling. I am passionate about pottery, adore flowers, and recharge my energy by hiking and being in nature. Art is the source of life, and I adore authentic photos that tell a story!

I was born and raised in Japan. I majored in photography at a junior college and then worked at a photo studio, gaining experience as an assistant for various photographers. Thus, I have a wealth of knowledge about lighting, ranging from still life to portrait photography. Since becoming a full-time photographer, I have been working in Tokyo for over 10 years, covering various types of photography including portraits, interviews, still life, and documentary.

Now that I've moved to Austin and am working with individual clients, I find great joy in capturing genuine moments of their lives and directly contributing to their happiness. I believe it is my mission to leverage my experience to provide you with the best possible photos. There is beauty that shines within every person, and I love discovering those moments. Please allow me to capture the important moments of your life. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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